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out there but it is not as cold as yesterday. freezing in fairfield and concord and 34 in napa and sap that rosa and mid-to-upper 30's for the bay shore. we have fog forming so there is a chance of black ice. be careful. we have had accidents. more high clouds and sunshine and low to upper 50's this afternoon. an update on the rainfall in a moment. >> pretty quiet out there on a friday morning with a live look from the east on 580 it is looking good from the south to the north on 880, that is good and so is 80 eastbound funneling into the bay bridge toll plaza. road work on the dumbarton bridge should be picked up any time westbound with slowing eastbound direction. we have debris in lanes two and three southbound 87.
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cars are swerving there to avoid that. >> crews have been installing on the bay bridge the largest light sculpture. our reporter is live in san francisco with a look at the first segment of the project. >> a lot of you watching this are just starting the day. they are up there wrapping their day up working all night, installing the first of 25,000 l.e.d. lights with upclose access to their work overnight. look at this. the team on the project says it will be the largest light sculpture. it will be almost two miles wide and 500' high honoring the 75th anniversary of the bridge. a lot of thought has gone into the details. >> intelligent lighting. each can be controlled individually with a lost accuracy. that is what is unique.
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that involves a big network and data and things that most people do not want to be aware of. >> the land is to finish the construction in february and you will see the finished product on the western span of the year. it will be here for two years and they were flip the switch march 5, two months from tomorrow. >> amy, thank you. friends and family of a missing 19-year-old petaluma girl resume their search in lake tahoe area after last being seen at a bar in nevada. her cell phone was last used at 12:03 that morning which is later than first thought. teams have searched the area and are going room to room at resort. $1,000 reward is offered for information leading to her
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return. our reporter is live in petaluma this morning with a live report in the next half hour. >> this afternoon, the three primary suspects in the murder of a venture capitalist are scheduled to appear in court. one suspect made a brief appearance yesterday, he and two others are charged with killing the entrepreneur in the mansion last year. the defendants are elogy gibel -- eligible for the death penalty so they may talk. >> it put as lot of pressure and tones discuss the issue with their clients carefully. it is a tremendous bargaining chip for the prosecution. >> dixon from am -- alameda is another suspect. >> the new congress is gearing up to get to work with a full plate in front of them with their fair share of bitter ballots for voting.
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our abc news reporter joins us live from washington. >> congress has a lot to deal with, including taking on spending and deficit reduction. but, first they have to provide help for people trying to put their lives back together after hurricane sandy. >> the sworn in 113th congress gets down to business today. >> first up, a vote on $9 billion aid package if victims of super storm sandy only a fraction of the $60 bill in aid the senate approved. the house adjourned before a vote which set off a firestorm. northeast politicians erupted. >> republican leadership has turned their backs on knockers. >> we sent them there. we sent them there to do the work for us. not to sit down and play with each other. >> residents, some of whom lost everything, voiced their anger.
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>> they are supposed to be representing us. the $9 billion aid package covers flood insurance impacted by hurricane sandy. the house leadership promised a vote on a separate $51 billion package this month. with relief resolved the new congress will turn their attention to two big looming battles giving new members a taste of washington, dc, partisan divide. >> it is like walking into a dinner party where the couple that is hosting it is already in the middle of a fight. >> congress must address the automatic across-the-board spending cuts that takes effect in two months and the policies default of the government when we reach the debt ceiling. >> house speaker boehner who was reemelected to house speaker despite rebellion among some conservatives hopes the congress can rise to meet the exceptional challenges. >> before you go, the first vote
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provides resources for flood insurance but that is just a small piece, right? the prosecute of the relief, what about that? >> the speak speaker says congress will take that up january 15, he wants to make a downpayment on some of the money and come back with another vote in a couple of weeks. >> thank you for that report. >> federally mandated improvement project shuts down a runway at san francisco international airport for three weekends this month. it will cut the hourly number of flights in half. it could result in delays for delights in a two hour radius of the airport. crews will install upgrades including new lighting systems and navigation aids. the first closure begins next friday. >> we have not seen so many delays because of weather, right, because it has been clear and dry. >> the cold does not stop the planes. >> what is coming next could.
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>> mike? >> good thought, kristen and katie with the low clouds coming in there could be delays with the rain developing saturday afternoon and more rain on sunday. we have fog developing and haze in the air. that is moisture. center moisture making the frost work and it is thicker this morning with potential for black ice in the east bay valley and north bay valley so be aware of that. >> a look at what is going on in the upper atmosphere, the next system moving more to the north and that is developing behind it that will shove it our way and bring us that rain this weekend so until then, it is a great day and we will be in the 30's and 40's and high clouds with a beautiful sunrise, and well hang out in the mid-50's, and temperatures this evening in the low-to-mid 40's but it will be dry. cannot say the same tomorrow, it will be wet. we will have more wet weather on
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sunday. monday we will dry out, too. that is the forecast. >> in san jose we have reports of something in the lanes southbound 87 before 280. they have been cleared and there are no delays with the sensors green. mass transit shows bart and muni and cal tran checking in on time. highway four westbound is slowing from antioch but picking up toward concord. east shore freeway at 20 minutes and the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is light into san francisco. golden gate bridge you have four lanes for the southbound commute and road work picked up on the northern span so it is a good drive across the span. >> three teens are in icy
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danger. what it took to pull them from a precarious situation. >> an actor takes on starbucks pitting the actor
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay wear this is abc7 news.
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>> good friday morning at 5:12. looking across the bay into san francisco, traffic is moving well with twinkling lights beautiful in the crisp and cold and possibly black ice morning. it will change quickly with mike nicco has when the rain comes back in the weekend forecast. >> a convicted sex offer fender is accused of exposing himself to a six-year-old girl in a christmas tree lot. the 67-year-old from south san francisco will be tried in april. police say he has a long rap sheet offenses against children. he was committed to a state hospital as a sex offender with a mental disorder. he faces felony charges of indecent exposure. >> federal agents reveal disturbing details from an international crackdown on child pornography. the operation kicked off november, netting 245 men and women suspected of being child porn producers.
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the sting spans six countries and 46 states including california and the bay area. immigration and customs enforcement identified more than 100 children who have been sexually exploited. almost half were under the age of 12. >> results were significant but grim and demands our full attention. >> a 53-year-old from san jose, michael lindsay was arrested. agents say he was taken into custody where he was about to board a flight to the philippines where he is suspected of having sexual contact with minors. >> oakland police say computer technology helped officers take a dangerous man off the street. >> sounds set off a system on new year's eve, officers headed to the area of 84th avenue seconds from the gunshots being
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peopled up by microphones. officers can see real-time maps in the patrol cars showing the location of the sounds. >> when a gun is fired our sensors are trained to detect large boom or bang sounds that are similar to gunfire. it shows given technology the right amount of resources and the correct direction we can make a dent in violent crime. >> man had that rifle and he has a history of committing violent crimes. >> firefighters in arizona made a dramatic rescue of two teens stranded on a frozen lake. look at these pictures the firefighters took. the two started walking on the late in arizona mountains and the ice cracked and each had a shoe frozen to the ice so they covered their barefeet with their hats and waited. >> we were not sure if we would fall all the way and maybe die
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from hyperthermia. >> it was night when the crews got to the boys. they learned their lesson: don't do that again! you can see the full score on "good morning america" at 7:00.. >> patrick dempsey would a bidding war for a seattle-based team and will pay $9 million for tully's, interested in a coffeehouse. he decided to make a bid for the company because he plans on spending more time in seattle. a bankruptcy judge will make the purchase official next week. >> he will spend more time there so he will buy a coffee chain. >> he must drink a lot of coffee. >> things are in order before he settles down. >> we should team up to buy a coffee we drink so much more. >> it will feel good on a cold morning to guzzle the coffee
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down, right? >> coffee. tea. hot chocolate. but use only tap water on the windshield or it will crack. >> to the east it is clear. tomorrow, we anticipate rain from the west. we will be able to see it in a couple hours. and then we will get you through the day with exactly what is going on and where. and radar will let you follow it online. 28 in fairfield, the frozen spot. and 33 in concord and livermore, and 35 in redwood city, and los gatos and 37 in san jose and 39 in antioch, and oakland and fremont and san francisco, warmest in the low-to-mid 40's. mid-to-upper 30's around
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monterey bay, and high clouds and sunshine today with haze more because of the moisture in the air than necessarily the pollution. rain is going to tap into the moisture out there and that develops tomorrow and another system comes in on sunday and it will be dry, again county right after the weekend on monday and tuesday. the temperatures today will be 53 in antioch for the cool spot, and 58 in oakland and santa rosa and fremont and san jose. in the monterey bay, everyone reaches 60 but morgan hill is close at 59 degrees. tonight with the extra clouds and no frost developing. mid-30's to mid-40's around the bay and to the coast. high pressure is holding on but it is overrun by the high clouds and the next system is strong enough to shove the high out of the way so it will be wet this weekend. there are two systems. the first comes from the west. you can see the rain moving in, in the afternoon and evening
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with yellow and it will be light-to-moderate rain. as we head overnight we get define the systems and wake up sunday morning and it will be quiet, and by sunday afternoon the rain moving northbound to southbound across the bay and you saw yellows in this and light-to-moderate rain and this hangs around a little bit longer into the evening hours and we will get heavier rain. most of our neighborhoods will get three quarters and the higher elevations of green and up to an inch or 1.5" of rain, and when this passes we will be dry on monday and tuesday and another chance on wednesday and dry again on thursday. temperatures in the 50's all seven days. have a great day. >> we go to san jose where we reporting to you southbound 87 they just cleared it, traffic was stopped and the lanes have been cleared. you can see in the southbound direction the traffic is flowing nicely with a few cars with the
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headlights headed beyond the pavilion. in san rafael, southbound, headlights past the marin ymca moving to central san rafael and downtown san francisco, 5th we had overnight police activity car slammed into a power pole and knocked out power for a time and the pole is still down in the intersection so watch out for that. it is not a full closure. dumbarton bridge road work picked up, but eastbound until 6:00 this morning before it is cleared. >> beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the wonders scientists see in this chunk of mars rock. >> a super sighting on the california coast but no ordinary man of steel. today, a texas father who spent
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25 years behind bars for a crime he did fought commit talks to katie about trying to clear his name and reunites.
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>> scientists are showing off an exciting new space discovery, a baseball-sized meetmeteorite and scientists have determined it is 2.1 billion, billion, billion years old! it contains more water than most others. this was donated to the university of new mexico from someone in morocco. it could explain how mars transformed from a tropical environment to a frigid desert. >> superman has been spotted flying over the beach north of san diego.
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in this case, the man steel did not catch crooks but the model of superman attracted a lot of attention along the highway and on youtube. it is radio controlled if you are wondering. >> pretty good. >> i can thing of some bad jokes. >> we sudden go to our own superman in the weather center! >> cannot top that, man. >> better deliver. >> that was nice. he is wearing the clark kent look. >> moving on we will talk about what is going on. mid-to-upper 50's today, good morning, everyone, high clouds in place. the radar shows dry across the entire state. it will stay that way today.
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mid-to-upper 60's down to the south and a lot of 50's in the central valley to the coast and mid-40's in the sierra where it will be sunny in tahoe and light snow and temperature drops 33 degrees on sunday. that is the forecast. now we will turn it over to sue. >> we have light conditions out there right now. it is nice. if you are traveling on 80 westbound you can see a little bit of bunching where 580 messages but other than that it looks good toward the richmond area. the map transit shows everyone on time and no delays and on schedule. look at the drive times from walnut creek to the tunnel less than ten minutes from central san rafael. there is the east shore freeway
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commute. >> a bay area family is reunited with the cat more than eight years after it disappeared. vanilla, a nine-year-old cat was back to its owner after vanishing when they lived in sausalito. they looked and looked but could not find him and moved to southern california. the animal shelter took vanilla in after the new owner was hospitalized with dementia. animal control officer traced a microchip and fortunately, the number was the same. they weapon the same cell phone number. >> aim and alcohol and athletics come together in las vegas for a high stakes game of beer pawn, the world series of beer pong, 800 players from a dozen companies are in sin city for the eighth annual event. it is simple: you throw balls into better.
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drinking the beer is optional. the winners take home $50,000. agoers expect to go through 150 kegs the beer. >> someone is drinking. >> new details emerging of the missing teenager from petaluma. next, what police are saying about potentially significant tweets. >> and what romo is saying about being kicked out of a las vegas
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. we made it to friday ahead of 5:30 of the thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am katie marzullo, and now over to mike nicco for a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone.
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this is live doppler seven and it is dry. we will keep it running. rain is on the way for tomorrow and sunday. the visibility shows improvement but this is moisture in the air this morning. the few areas that are getting frost, black ice could be a possibility including places like the area near santa rosa at 33. high clouds and sunshine. >> good friday morning commute. good morning, everyone. bay bridge toll plaza is more active but no delays and no metering lights. everything is smooth into san francisco. as you move westbound the flat section of the san mateo bridge traffic is flowing noisily into foster traffic and eastbound traffic is nice into hayward. and from antioch you have bunching up of traffic moving toward pittsburg to concord.
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>> we hope to learn more about any new leads in the disappearance of a petaluma girl in south lake tahoe on new year's eve. and now we are like in petaluma. >> the possibility new information will be from the nevada sheriff when they hold a news conference at 8:00 this morning. the search is going on in two locations. the one here in petaluma where places like beyond the glory sports bar have fundraisers for the search effort and in south lake tahoe where the 19-year-old alyssa byrne disappeared on new year's morning. here is her father. >> my hope she is out there and if you are, alyssa byrne, just come home. >> that is a picture of the 19-year-old alyssa byrne. she went to lake tahoe for a concert, the snowglobe concert new year's eve.
5:31 am
before midnight she was using her phone. they have been assured that. and after midnight, three minutes after, she used her phone again. it could have been a phone call or a tweet but she was at the horizon hotel when she made it back after the concert. then she disappeared. now, a look at new information, in tweets from an confident hers, one says "after tonight you will never be part of my life." another says "just lost all my trust in the person i trusted most." that can sound like someone depressed and sad but a close friend says don't read too much into it. >> it could be related to a fight that she got in but i don't think it was someone she is talking about who tried to harm her. those are just the kind of posts she would post.
5:32 am
>> investigators say they are not certain she posted them so they are looking into that. the search continues at south lake tahoe in the area around the horizon hotel the last place she was certain to have been and in petaluma there are fundraiser s to try to help the search effort. live in petaluma for abc7 news. >> thank you. a 19-year-old gang member accused of killing two innocent people in a car crash on new year's day will be arraigned in court this afternoon in san francisco. he was trying to get away from police after a drive-by shooting on police and he smashed into another car at 21st street and south van ness and a woman in the car and a man on the sidewalk died. a stretch of berkley is re-opened after a water main break that forced crews to close a lane a few blocks from the
5:33 am
campus and they had to dig up the street but the water did not damage any homes or businesses in berkeley. there have been half a dozen waters main breaks this week blamed on a combination of cold weather and aging pipes. >> columbus parkway and vallejo is open after huge branches fell into track. the branches weighs several tons. a passing minivan was crushed. two other cars were badly damaged. no one was hurt. it took city work crews more than two hours to clear the roads. >> one of the san francisco giants most popular player is apologizing for an incident in las vegas. police had to remove closing pitcher romo from the airport on new year's day when he got in a confrontation with security agents. romo did nut have proper i.d. at the check point and argued with the security officials.
5:34 am
he was detained for a short while. last night romo released a statement saying i would like to apologize about the recent events at the las vegas airport which brought negative intention to the san francisco giants organization and fans. i love and respect my giants, teammates and fans and promise to conduct myself in the future in the san francisco giants way. >> families of the victims of the connecticut school shooting host another symbol of tragedy this afternoon, former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will travel to new town, today, two years ago she was wounded by a gunman in tucson in a mass shooting and tonight here, a benefit concert for the sandy hook victims is held at new vision church. >> the labor department released the first jobs report of the new year and the unemployment rate went up slightly to 7.8 percent for december, 155,000 jobs were created last month. analysts say companies continue to hire although the white house
5:35 am
and congress battled over the fiscal cliff in december. investors will watch how the jobs report will affect wall street when the markets open in an hour. >> this morning, a warning is going out to anyone who drops mail at the main post office in alameda because a big blue mailbox was stolen from there and the collection box was next to the parking lot and it is unclear when it was stolen or when the postal workers picked up mail from it last, so the inspectors recommend check to see if your mail has arrived. and they advise customers to check the credit card and bank statements for unusual activity. >> half an hour ago crews finished a lighting job in san francisco on the bay bridge. we looked at the installation project. workers put up the first of 25,000 l.e.d. lights on the vertical cables of the western span. the bridge will become the world's largest light sculpture and the lights will particular
5:36 am
and change patterns. abc7 news reporter will have a live report on the bay lights project at the top of the hour. >> concerned about flooding caused by high tide is forcing cal tran to close part of the park-'n-ride lot in mill valley. the lot at highway 101 was a trouble spot dug the storms, and several cars suffered flood damage and you know the drivers complained they were not warned so they are putting out the warning and cal tran will clearly post the closure dates and times, they say. >> time to look at the weather. >> more water coming our way in the form of rain. it is coming back when, mike? >> tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. that is the best chance of rain. and any time on sunday in the early part of the afternoon and the evening hours. we have two storms coming and they will make the weekend wet. right now there is moisture in the sky so we have reduced
5:37 am
visibility. but it is not haze but it is moisture. pollution is not a problem. you can see the moisture moving in ahead of the next system in the form of the white and green which is deeper moisture. most of the storm is to the north and you can see the gesturing further to the south and that will steer the storm our way. today, colorful sunrise because of the high clouds and they will be around through noon with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50's and we will have a few upper 50's in the afternoon and it will be dry this evening, no node to carry an umbrella, just a coat for temperatures in the low-to-mid 40's. saturday the rain runs and more rain on sunday dropping into the low-to-mid 50's and same for monday but sunshine. >> south 101 to marinwood, beyond lucas valley road, making your way to central sandy hook
5:38 am
elementary school, you can see the headlights and no delays on the golden gate bridge, and down into san francisco, you have four lanes for the southbound cop mute, and two lanes headed northbound and traffic is light, here, as well. from the central valley, speeds of 44 miles per hour, and it is speeding up and as it picks up toward the dublin area it is 20 minutes into 685/580. highway 92 south 101, 680 and 880 making your way up from san jose. kristen and katie? >> a member of the 49ers abruptly closes his twitter account and now the kicker is telling abc7 news about the online attacks. a provocative bay area bus ad raising eyebrows and what it has to do with the real meaning of the word1111111
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>> david akers is talking about death threats that forced him to close his twitter account after missing 13 field goal attempts. he contacted the nfl after getting death threats and closed the twitter account. he says no one is more disappointed in the season than he is.
5:42 am
>> i am disappointed if myself. there is nothing i can do now. cannot go back in the past. try for get better and figure out why they are not going between the polls and find an answer. >> the 49ers brought in another kicker who could replace him in the playoffs. >> there will be a limited number of tickets available for the saturday playoff at candlest spik and you can get your hands on the tickets starting on monday, at 10:00 a.m. you can get tickets on ticket master or other fans through the nfl ticket exchange. they will be watching to see who they will play after the weekend first round of playoff games. >> if your job is stressful, think strongly of getting a new one unless you like it. >> we love it. more on that, and wall street's reaction to the jobs report in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, december jobs
5:43 am
report is out. it came out exactly as economists predicted. 155,000 jobs added in the united states during the month of december, according to the labor department. economists expected 153,000 so they were on the mark with that. the unemployment rate ticked a bit higher to 7.8 percent from 7.7 percent. retailer online in the spotlight with holiday spending only jumping 14 percent in 2012 the fiscal cliff worries weighed on consumers. trading shows a slight pull back yesterday after huge gains wednesday following the cliff cliff deal. speaking of employment, are you looking for a job with less stress? how about a university professor? or medical records technician? those are among the least stressful jobs. the most stressful included military personally and public regulations executives. more hints that taco flavor is on the way with taco bell
5:44 am
showing a tock -- a taco ad saying "anything can happen." the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> always anticipated consumer electronics show in las vegas is monday and two companies promise a look at the self-driving cars. one is toyota posting the five second clip of the car with various sensors and the other company is audi which says their car can find a parking place and park itself. this is not new, and google has been testing self driving cars for three years now. tune in to abc7 to find out about the latest gadgets with live reports on monday and tuesday from las vegas starting with abc7 news at 4:30. >> always exciting to see what is on deck. >> and david always gets good
5:45 am
stuff and other folks. what did we have in terms of gadget needs? >> we need the rain. >> absolutely. he wants to be low-tech. good morning, everyone, from the east bay hills, across the bay bridge, into san francisco, not how dealer it is. we have high clouds, butting in showing up right now on live doplar, only high air. the next system will bring us rain tomorrow and sunday. 28 in fairfield. 33 in santa rosa, concord, livermore. 35 at napa and redwood city and los gatos and san jose at then. mountain view and antioch at 39, and san rafael at 37 and 41 and 42 around east bay shore and oakland and half moon bay.
5:46 am
mid-to-upper 30's monterey bay. here are the three things. the sunny and dry today. outdoor activists are fine. tomorrow? not so much. especially on sunday. dry on monday and tuesday, though. so if you work this weekend you do not miss anything. mid 60's includeing 59 at morgan hill and everyone else at 60 to 62 with high clouds today and high clouds more than yesterday. no frost in the forecast and mid-to-upper 30's inland and and upper 40's around the bay shore. the jet stream is bringing high clouds to the neighborhood and that is all we will see today. tomorrow, you can see the clouds that will keep the temperatures up and rain is moving in the bay during the afternoon hours, light-to-moderate rain developing in the afternoon into
5:47 am
the evening, and overnight it quiets down to drizzle by sunday morning, and the next system comes in from the north so we have one from the west, from the north, and you can see both of them well before they get to your neighbor. by noon the moderate rain is moving through the north bay into the heart of the bay by 3:00, and it moves into the south bay during the evening hours of the rainfall amounts is up to three quarters of an inch and quarter to .5" in south bay and up to an inch or more in the mountains and down to the low 50's for the temperatures on sunday with the rain and dry on monday and tuesday and small chance again on wednesday. >> no major stalls or accidents at this hour. i wanted to focus on the bay bridge commute and you can see the upper deck traffic is moving nicely on the incline and slowing reaching the s-curve. but no significant problems on the western portion of the span leading into mcarthur, just a
5:48 am
little bit of crowding because of the merging at golden gate field and the toll plaza shows light conditions and no metering lights and the upper deck is looking good so you have a fine commute on the east shore to the bay bridge. kristen? >> buss in san francisco are carrying messages of jihad. but it is not what you think. it is a campaign to educate residents of real meaning, the council of american islamic relations put 35 ads on the buses so people know that jihad has another meaning beside holy war. >> the proper meaning of jihad is to struggle. that's it. for many, that is anything from building relationships with their neighbors to making it to work on time or doing better on their diet. >> the ads remain on the buses lou the third week of january and the organization says they
5:49 am
would not mind expanding their message to other bay area transit agencies. >> senator john kerry has been nominated to become the next secretary of state reports to the state department today as he prepares for the confirmation. he is expected to win confirmation in the senate in the next two weeks but an official date is not set. president obama nominated senator jesus christ last -- senator john kerry last most to replace secretary of state, hillary clinton who will step down. she plans to return to work while she continues treatments for a blood clot near her brain^. >> top members of congress accuse the c.i.a. of misleading the makers of the osama bin laden raid film saying the filmmakers were told harsh interrogation techniques tracked down the terrorist mastermind but waterboarding and other similar mods produced no useful intelligence it was found. senators feinstein and john
5:50 am
mccain want to know what information the filmmakers were given. >> the clock has turned 5:51. can you hear me now? facebook consider as new service to let users reach out to friends. >> a challenge of raising a baby. how a new study says parents should deal with crying
5:51 am
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>> face book is rolling out the latest feature to increase their mobile appeal, testing a feature for a messenger app that lets users call each other with the tap of a button like skype without the video. the calls can be made with wi-fi or on the phone's cellar network using a data plan. the feature is limited now to only canada. >> mike nicco is watching the travel forecast for us. the storm is on the way. that will mean snow for the sierra. >> we want the timeline, mike. >> now, we will work into the week end but right now it is quiet. radar across the entire state, a few showers here off the coast. and it looks like it will be dry everywhere today even with the showers near space eureka they will fall to the north. we will have 50's everywhere and mid-to-upper 60's in southern california. in the mountains, mostly sunny.
5:54 am
partly sunny tomorrow. in the 30's with light snow on sunday, and if you are headed down to los angeles, we will be in the 60's with rain on sunday. >> road hazard in santa rosa, south 101, a camper shell is blocking the left lane. drives are swerving. chp could be doing a traffic break. all mass transit is on time on this friday morning. san jose, 87 northbound, the headlights are headed to 101 and traffic is moving at the limit. >> drowsy driving on u.s. roads seems to be more common than post realize. 4 percent of american adults say they recently fell asleep at the wheel. the study by the centers for disease control says one in 24 drivers admitted nodding off once in the previous month. drowsy driving is more common in men and in people that average
5:55 am
less than six hours of sleep a night. >> many women do not need to be screened for cervical cancer but a study says most after a his histerectomy get one anyway probably because it was always part of the visit. the centers for disease control surveys thousands of women ages 30 and older who had the surgery. >> first time parents rush to babies at the first time of a cry but a study says resist the urge. temple university researchers compared six-month-old babies whose mothers jumped to soothe them when they tried and mother whose did not. they found babies whose moms allow them to self soothe slept through the night. infants have natural two hour sleep cycles so it is critical they learn to fall back asleep without being picked up. the study is published in the
5:56 am
journal of developmental psychology. >> it take as while to realize the babies are not suffering. the parent is upping when they hear the cry. >> you have to find your way. >> a new art project promising to light up the bay bridge, the overnight work installing thousands of lights and when you can see the light show for the first time. >> armor for kids? who is pushing for a new line of bullet proof backpack after the school tragedy in
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, the search continues for a missing petaluma teen. more clues from twitter can provide clues. >> three men accused of murdering a venture capitalists
5:59 am
will appear in court the. >> crews wrapped up the work on the bray bridge installing a new sculpture with 25,000 l.e.d. lights. >> chilly morning to be out there working at 6:00. thanks for joining us. you will want to find out what it is like headed it court. katie marzullo is here for eric thomas. they got the word done ahead of the...what, mike? >> that four letter word: rain. looking more and more impressive from the computer. right now, not much is going on, and dry air, and lack of cloud cover, also, with a few high clouds making for a pretty sunrise and left frost. 32 to 45 in san francisco. we will be near 50 at noon and hang out in the low-to-mid 50's in the afternoon. evening plans will drop into the mid-to-upper 40's and inland neighborhoods we have black
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